Welcome to SkywardGrafix...

You probably noticed, it's not SkywardGraphics. By changing the 'phics' to 'fix', I wanted to imply that part of what I do is to fix graphics/images for use on the internet and in printed materials - but mostly on the internet.

The larger part of SkywardGrafix is programming websites and registering domain names. If you just need a domain name, SkywardGrafix is happy to provide a register one for you to use.

Website Programming

SkywardGrafix does not use WYSIWYG programs/apps to create your website. I create custom coded websites to fit the needs and desires of my clients. I do not like to rely on third-party frameworks, content management services, or any other off-site input or support to drive my website designs. I have found too many vulnerabilities in services of this nature. In my opinion, those vulnerabilities can cause many problems and are a long term security risk.

I try to learn about your business or organization in order to better understand what you want or need from a website. Sometimes you just need to get your name out on the internet and create a way for people to contact you or find you for the goals you have in mind. Other times, you need a full e-commerce solution to sell your product or service. Maybe you just want to express some of your ideas and it doesn't really matter if you interact with the viewers.

Graphics and Image Editing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's make sure your pictures aren't saying the wrong thing.

There are times when you have to take the picture and there is a bunch of 'stuff' in the background. Maybe the background is just the wrong color for the website. I have edited many pictures to enhance the product or idea clients are trying to project with their picture. Sometimes you get a great shot but there is a shadow that distracts from the subject of the picture. I can help bring out the best in your pictures.

SkywardGrafix uses professional grade software to edit photos and create artwork for your website. Adobe Photoshop is one of those amazing tools used to perform the magic of bringing out the best in your pictures. To be fair, I can only do so much with a less than ideal image. If you have a photo that is less than perfect, let's take a look at it together and I will tell you what can and can't be done AND how long it will take.